Nobody’s really talking about what it takes to launch a transformational business and sell ‘high ticket’ program’s online.

The thought of creating your online business is downright scary. Like I’d rather go and clean the house, pay my taxes and find a dozen other reasons to stay stuck than face looking at the computer AGAIN. until TODAY. The day you found the solution you’ve been looking for. No more wasting time on social media following other people and watching their success.

No more trying to figure it all out on your own. If your done with courses and coaches that don’t deliver and your looking for a mentor that has the experience online and offline, won’t p##s you around with vague concepts and, has a 1-1 program that teaches you exactly what’s holding you back, your on the right site!

Having a life and business that is purposeful, meaningful, creative and on your terms, is what your heart truly desires, right?

A designer of homes and businesses, this serial entrepreneur will teach you how to get past your fears, (dream suckers) and get into that lifestyle business you’ve been dreaming of.

VIP Retreat Days in New York City, US or Wollongong, Australia will give you a customized ‘high-ticket’ business plan designed with your success for you first paying client or your 5-6 figure launch.


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What People Are Saying

“Cathy’s course had given me the confidence to build a property business that is affordable and maintainable. I have learnt how to add value to a property efficiently and economically, and how to choose the properties best suited to this strategy.

And the results are amazing!

Cathy’s enthusiasm is motivating & encouraging. Her experience & expertise is evident, and there is always room to ask questions. She has great content as well as valuable inclusions. I highly recommend Cathy’s mentoring for anyone that wants to achieve and make more money. Exciting times ahead. “
Toni Riley

Investor and Renovator

.. I now understand why an artist needs a muse, a business person needs a mentor, men and women need to feel worthy of
something … I’ve been lost for so long, out of control looking for inspiration and guidance, the cold hard facts to shake me and get me out of this never ending hole of self doubt I keep shoveling away at!!!….I will be forever grateful for pressing the button and seeing your smiling face staring at me saying “You’ve got this”….. After tonight’s call….I can truly say and believe…”I’ve got this”!! Big Love always my amazing mentor Cathy Morrissey xxx 

And..Thank you for letting us pick your brain!!

Em Anderson

CEO-Lux Renovations

During the course I looked for opportunities to apply the knowledge in various properties and it feels great to realize that with Cathy’s help I’ve been able to buy a house and add equity to all three houses, I and my husband own.

She is also working with me 1 on 1 on the renovation of a property I’m converting into a Rooming house, which will increase my family’s passive income. I’m applying my new learning’s in my business.

 It’s a very exciting phase in my life.

Cathy is great at teaching, & displays the behavior, & attitude to business and life that you seek in a great mentor” 

Paola Tapia

Founder, Refurb 4 Profit


Get a copy of the Money, Miracles, & Mastery – its FREE!

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