Why is it that some businesses do well and seem to jump up and get going really fast but others take a lot longer than they should?


How is it, that a lot of new business owners either ‘run out of money’ or even worse their ‘mojo’ before they’ve got their ideas off the ground?


It’s simple but it’s not. You see I’ve noticed that whether I’m working with people on their homes or their businesses that often they are ‘winging it’


They don’t make a plan, they don’t have a budget and they start off with great ideas that often, it they had found the right advice, would have become successful businesses.


With every new business there’s a golden rule that you must follow in order to be successful and that is, you need to do your research first. If you haven’t researched or tested your product or service, how do you know if your idea is going to sell?


The next step is to crunch your numbers. Start small and gain momentum. Hire people that are smarter than you at whatever you need next.


For the most part, its these two things that new business owners make mistakes on. And it’s simply because they have never been taught the correct way to start and build a business. It does NOT need to be ‘hit and miss’.


Unless you fully understand the importance of educating yourself first, then you run the risk of ‘planning to fail’ before you’ve had a chance to get this thing off the ground.


Often when we start, we are so passionate about our idea that we don’t realize, we are making decisions emotionally. So, how can you have a successful and profitable business?


Start by testing your business idea. Collect the data. Warts and all. Being delusional is not going to be profitable.


Look at what you’d like to create – it’s okay to dream big, but be prepared to cut back where necessary at the beginning.


Don’t give up your day job until you are sure your idea is making money and can be scaled up.


Have a budget worked out, so you don’t lose or waste money in the process.


Stick to the budget. Do not get caught up in emotion.


Be prepared to adjust your plan.


Remind yourself that you will be challenged with new information.


Add tons of value and lastly, get a mentor if you’ve never ran a business before.


You CAN have it all.

Cathy. xo

Visionary Leadership for people that want to get past their s##t and create a business and life they love!

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