“👇BONUS: Included in this Training: FREE Cold Email Template 👇”


“Generate LinkedIn LEADS & Sell High Quality Services in as little as 4 Days”

What’s in the Training:

The class is for both new and existing business owners. This class contains strategies to get your first or 40th client and the steps you need to increase your cash flow with new clients on LinkedIn in as little as 4 days.

How to generate and qualify Leads for your business so that you can weed out the tire-kickers and time wasters and get to the real people you want to work with.

Why marketing and selling a high ticket offer is necessary and what you MUST learn so that you can stand out and your clients are willing to pay a premium price for your products and services.

Why I don’t follow the crowd and how I’ve created a number of businesses and marketed doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. This class will help business owners reach their first 100k in their business.

BONUS NO 1: We’ve even included a couple of direct messages in this training that have helped us get cold clients purchasing a 5 k package within days of our initial contact!

BONUS NO 2: I’ll be sharing with you the automation system that brings you fresh leads 24 hours a day. Just set and go!

(NOTE: The training is designed as a single strategy and should be used in conjunction with paid  and organic marketing strategies)


Educator, Mentor, Business & Marketing Strategist


I show Entrepreneurs, CEO’s Business Owners how to position their brand so they can create more of what they love – time!


Whether you want to become the next ‘Go to’ expert or, you want to learn how to set up a brand new business with systems, lead generation strategies, our agency covers it all. Our team of experts is world wide – nothing is impossible.

Multiple 6 Figure Entrepreneur that wants to go bigger? Your next level awaits you with business strategies that will free up your time, get more productivity from your staff and lead generation to grow your business faster.

There’s a NEW way and when you work with my ‘unconventional approach’ to business, you’ll see why its the ‘unconventional’ approach, that create amazing profits. 5th Avenue Empire is for those that want proven results in influencing and creating a massive presence, online.


“Generate LinkedIn LEADS & Sell High Quality Services in as little as 4 Days”

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