“A Premium Offer WILL land you qualified Leads every week. What would a set and forget funnel do for your Business?”

A Compelling Offer that a client pays you 5-10 k?

Welcome to a brand positioning program that is custom designed especially for you. After all, how can a business stand out if it’s a ‘copy’ of someone else’s?

No more wasting time on social media following other people and watching their success.

No more trying to figure it all out on your own. If your done with courses and coaches that don’t deliver and your looking for a mentor that has the experience online and offline, won’t p##s you around with vague concepts and, has a 1-1 program that teaches you exactly what’s holding you back, your on the right site!

Having a life and business that is purposeful, meaningful, creative and on your terms, is what your heart truly desires, right?

Waking up at 3 am wondering where your next client is coming from is not what you want for your business and, living from client to client is like walking a tightrope everyday.

Where are your ideal clients? How do you stand out enough to communicate with them? What makes your business phenomenal?

Do you need:

✔️ Your message niched down to target the psychology and market of your ideal client.
✔️ An Offer that speaks soo loudly your business becomes the hunted, not the hunter.
✔️ Video Ad training that you would expect from a major marketing company with a brand message second to none.
✔️ Lead generating funnels that you set and forget.

This serial entrepreneur will teach you how to get past your fears, (dream suckers) and get into that lifestyle business you’ve been dreaming of.

This IS what you’ve been looking for. Apply Today.

“A Premium Offer, A modern Lead Generating System and a set and forget Funnel, how would that change your business?”

“Cathy’s course  gave me the confidence to build a property business that is affordable and maintainable.”

Toni Riley

“I now understand why an artist needs a muse, a business person needs a mentor. Love always  to my amazing mentor Cathy ”  

Em Anderson

Cathy is great at teaching, & displays the behavior, & attitude to business and life that you seek in a great mentor” 

Paola Tapia

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Our systems are getting ready... (Make sure you check both your Inbox & Spam box for this precious cargo)